Poor Johnny and Árnika (HU)

Author: Ervin Lázár
Dramaturge: Zsolt Láng
Director: Ibolya Varga
Music: Zsolt Lászlóffy
Scenography: Szilárd-Zsolt Filep
Cast: Márton Csortán, Réka Giriti, László György, Áron Kötő, Réka László, Ildikó Patka, Jenő Urmánczi
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: April 8th 1999

A puppet show adaptation of Ervin Lázár’s tale about true love, responsibility, loyalty, perseverance, freedom and many other fundamental values.
In spite of the malicious trickeries and fiendish seductions of the Witch of a Hundred Faces, Poor Johnny finally gets to know his true love, Árnika, king Östör’s beautiful daughter. The protective love of the father puts the young lovers’ loyalty to test, by keeping them apart for six months. Even after all that time, however, their trial has not yet come to an end, because alternately one of them is transformed into a duck by an evil spell. The remedy for the curse lies in Wonderland, with the Seven Headed Fairy, but on their journey there, the young couple must deal with Ipiapacs bandit and his gang, Győző Rézbányai’s touchiness and the feelings of twelve brothers. Johnny’s wit and resourcefulness, Árnika’s good heart and determination always aids them in times of trouble, until the Seven Headed Fairy finally lifts the evil curse.
Two narrators also shape the play, they are the ones who keep asking relevant questions as the story progresses and sometimes give thought-provoking responses. They are the ones who say: “You don’t need magic powers to gain freedom, all you need is love. For love is just like magic.”, or “You must try really hard. Even if you won’t succeed for sure.” – if you haven’t seen this play yet, now you sure want to, right? Johnny, Árnika and the others are waiting for you!

Winnie the Pooh (HU)

Author: A. A. Milne
Director: Ildikó Kovács
Scenic design: Valentin Codoiu
Music: Péter Vermesy
Assistant director: László György
Cast: Réka Giriti, Laura Pünkösti, Tímea Vincze, Áron Kötő, Jenő Urmánczi

Children and adults, come quickly to the Hundred Acre Wood!
Where is this Hundred Acre Wood? – you might ask. Well, it’s right where Christopher Robin and his friends live. I, Winnie the Pooh, also live here and I love honey. My friends also live here: the timorous Piglet, the expeditious Rabbit, the gloomy Eeyore, the exuberantly bouncy Tigger, the kind-hearted Kanga-mother with her curious Roo, and the sententious mister Owl too! Come play with us! At our place everything is peaceful, friendly, full of fun and games and love. Welcome everyone! Signed by Winnie the Pooh.
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: November 3th 2001

Hansel and Gretel (HU)

Author: Grimm Brothers
Dramatized by Dezső Szilágyi
Directed by Ibolya Varga
Set design by Sandu Marian
Puppet design by Virgil Svinţiu
Music by Áron Kötő
Directed by Ibolya Varga
Cast: Réka Giriti, Laura Pünkösti, Jenő Urmánczi, László György, Áron Kötő, Márton Csortán
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: 2003

One morning Hansel and Gretel wake up to unfortunate news: their father has to sell their little goat to be able to pay his debts. The sad children are visited by Csipet, the forest elf who tries to help them to find a treasure by using a mysterious rhyme. Their journey is hindered by the Wicked Witch and while Csipet elf and Döme bear are doing everything they can to save the children, finally Gretel manages to escape from the evil witch. The treasure is found, and the poor woodcutter father rejoices after being reunited with his children whom he thought to have lost. Which road do we take? Whom do we trust? How can we help someone who is in trouble? – we can ask each other, children and adults, in tales, as well as in the real world.

Puck and the others (HU)

Authors: W. Shakespeare, Charles and Mary Lamb
Directed and performed by Rozália Rekita and Áron Kötő
Texts, puppet and scenic design written and created by Rozália Rekita
Music by Áron Kötő
Poster: Tamás György
Love can tempt anyone, regardless of age: children, as well as the elderly, not to mention the youth in adolescence, this ardent and intricate period of blooming and fading love.
This passionate state of mind is overwhelmed by emotions, and it often ends in disappointment, because events don’t turn out as planned. It is no different in Shakespeare’s magical fairy-tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where Puck, the mischievous sprite intervenes in the affairs of the young lovers. The conflicts, however, can only be solved through these playful entanglements.
6 puppets and 11 roles come to life in the performance of two actors: Rozália Rekita and Áron Kötő. The actors open their magic chest full of wonders in classrooms where kids are up for a lively, romantic, musical adventure. The show is dedicated to children older than 10 years of age, grades 3-11: anyone and everyone.
Let the adventure begin!

Csipike (HU)

Author: Sándor Fodor
Director: Ibolya Varga
Puppet and scenic design: Ioana Olăhuţ
Music: Péter Venczel
Cast: Réka Giriti, Réka László, Ildikó Patka, Laura Pünkösti, Boglárka Veligdán, Tímea Vincze, Márton Csortán, László György, Áron Kötő, Attila Ákos Okos, Jenő Urmánczi

Recomanded age: 3+
Premiere: April 10th 2008
You must have heard about Csipike by now, but can you remember what a deterrent example, or a scientific persuasion means? You will find all answers at the puppet show, you’ll be hearing Stag’s vocal exercises and the performance of the forest choir. Csipike, the respectable master of the forest is being tempted by the spirit of tyranny and his usual kind attitude is replaced with arbitrary, wicked choices, paired with an arrogant tone. Rabbit doesn’t hesitate to ask him: “can we still love you, our Great Master and Commander, Benevolent Fiend of the Forest, or we can’t love you any longer, because we must fear you…?”
The gluttonous and petulant Kukucsi has gone missing, so apparently there’s no one to persuade Csipike (who becomes fouler with each day) to come to his senses, to regain his old kindness. The dwellers of the Forest are rebelling, the Bees are organizing a riot, but thanks to the Boar Piglet’s courage, Csipike’s trickery is finally unveiled: they find out who Mr. Copper the Dreadful actually is, with whom Csipike has been terrifying everyone. This edifying story about power ends with a united, peaceful and cheery dinner.
“What’s ours is ours” – says Csipike and is waiting for you with his arms wide open at the Puck Puppet Theatre!

The Enchanted Carpet (HU)

Author: Ferenc Móra
Dramaturg and director: Ibolya Varga
Music composer: Péter Venczel
Scenography, costumes, puppets: Anetta Fekete
Music and accessories: Tamás Tóthpál
Cast: Ildikó Patka, Laura Pünkösti, László György, Áron Kötő
Poster: Anetta Fekete

Recommended age: 3+
Premiere: October 5th 2016

The play „weaves” together four tales written by Móra Ferenc, in a so-called “carpet of fairy tales”, the characters of which can be easily recognized by children. The stories lead us into a magical universe where parents and children can follow the trail of the “father’s tales”, where the wind and the roses speak in human voices, where the Messenger of the Wind brings us letters from Santa, and the king of butterflies miraculously heals Pannika.

The tightly woven dramaturgy of the play, the straightforward texts, the poetic language and stylization of objects indicate to the child, that these experiences differ from the familiar ones met on the playground. If the play catches their attention, the children will automatically accept (perhaps for the first time in their lives) the basic theatrical principle: being present as a spectator, even if sometimes the actors involve or invite them to play along.

The Legend of Saint Ladislaus (HU)

Author, scenography, director: László Szentirmai
Assistant director: Tünde Kocsis
Composer: Áron Kötő
Music contributor: Csilla Vincze Dalos
Sound design: Péter Venczel
Cast: Dorottya Balogh, Réka Giriti, Réka László, Ildikó Patka, Laura Pünkösti, Rozália Rekita, Szabolcs Domokos, László György, Attila Ákos Okos, Jenő Urmánczi.
Poster: Szilárd Banga, Angéla Kalló

Recommended age: 7+
Premiere: October 30th 2017

The first premiere of the 2017-2018 season at the Puck Puppet Theatre involved every actor of the Hungarian department. The play was written, designed and directed by Szentirmai László. His concept combines the visual world of codices, his desire to teach and his love for plain theatre. According to the director, Saint Ladislaus was the only king in Hungarian history who was able to lead the country while remaining honest and just all along.
“The youth of today must be told – through legends or history, it makes no difference to me – that there are, there were such examples and one can follow them.. We can be Saint Ladislaus even if you live in the 47, Kossuth street. All we need is honesty! We shall not want to have 20 centimetres of our neighbour’s land. We shall not want to denounce him so that he loses his money. We, people can be incredibly evil… even in our everyday lives. It’s good to have such a king as an example. The fact that he was sanctified is important because Hungarians ( who chose to adopt Christianity at a very propicious moment in the constantly changing Europe) could contribute with their own saints, with significant role-models at those times. Nowadays this would be a lot harder…” – responds the director to the question about the significance of Saint Ladislaus’ personality for present generations and adults as well.

Cinderella (RO)

Author: Brothers Grimm
Script: Alex Căprariu
Director: Mona Marian
Scenography: Virgil Svințiu, Epaminonda Tiotiu
Music: Corina Sârbu
Cast: Frunzina Anghel, Călin Mureșan, Angelica Pamfilie

Premiere: 20.03.1995
Duration: 45 min.
Recommended age: 4+

Cinderella, a puppet show based on the Brothers Grimm’ classic tale, is adapted onto stage by Mona Marian with fantastic imagination, sustaining the Puck Puppet Theatre’s tradition to promote the great stories of universal literature. The performance embraces innovation through the puppeteering techniques, through the elaborate set and scenery design and the alternation of puppet and actor performances.

The entire directorial vision is based on the contrast of dimensions: the puppets and actors are playing together on stage. The Commedia dell’Arte inserts grant the story a comical flavour, and the background music includes classical and pre-classical tunes, interpreted live by the puppeteers.

The play has been invited to a great number of Festivals in the country and abroad: Hungary, Poland, Italy, Ukraine and Spain.