I Am Pinocchio (HU)

Author: Carlo Collodi
Adaptation: Călin Mocanu
Director: Călin Mocanu
Assistant director: Paul Sarvadi
Scenography: Sandu Marian
Music: Dan Bălan
Cast: Dorottya Balogh, Szabolcs Domokos, Réka Giriti, Réka László, Attila Ákos Okos, Ildikó Patka, Jenő Urmánczi
Poster: Săcară Florina, Angéla Kalló

Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: 3rd of June 2017

The play adapted and directed by Călin Mocanu deviates at some points from the classic tale. The Fairy, having significant role in the play, is in fact a representation of a withdrawn mother, who is always there in times of trouble. Instead of poor old Gepetto, in this version we can see a renowned artist, whose masterpiece is Pinocchio himself, whom, in his turn – like all masterpieces – comes to life and starts living his own life. After some time, Pinocchio freely calls Gepetto his father.
This is not only the wonderful story of awakening to consciousness and coming to senses, but also introduces an aspect of independence, when a young life steps out from a sheltering and loving environment, starts testing his limits, while he also keeps learning about himself and discovering his place in this world.
“In a country where parents have low self-esteem, who are rather commanding than actively participating in the educational process of their children, we see a child in constant need of attention for whom we must increase our amount of designated time and awareness, whom we must carefully listen to (instead of just telling for ourselves) to truly understand his heartbeats. Seeing how our lives go by, how busy we all are, the options our schools, educational system and culture have to offer, the story I’m trying to tell has no aggression in it, I’m merely indicating the conflicts and the dangers that the child is facing” – acknowledges the director of the show.
The birth and transformation of Pinocchio is a miracle in itself, his adventures represent the symbolic journey of the development of a mature, mindful and responsible personality.

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