The Valiant Elf (RO)

The Valiant Elf is an allegory about the inner child which, like Cic, spreads the bliss of play and innocence around him. Childhood lived at any age is the key toward a miraculous world.

The story presents the journey of the elf hero, who, through his braveness and kindness, looks over The Pasture of the Golden Spring. In this magical immersion we discover the fantastical imagery of animals and other forest creatures. As a result of the encounters and challanges that Cic has to deal with, we have the chance to understand how individual decisions affect the entire meadow community. With each difficulty that Cic exceeds, with each experience lived through curiosity, friendships are bond. In this way the journey becomes a coming of age ritual.

The show has strong visual effects, and the whole artistic concept genuinely unifies the estethics of the puppetry along with the stage design, music and the actors’ play. The two worlds, that of actors and that of spectators are connected through short narratives told by three witty storytellers. Throughout their trickstery, they reveal the plot-changing elements of stage design and also animate the liminal space between the stage and the audience.


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