The Goat and Her Three Kids (RO)

Author: Ion Creangă
Script: Doina Dejica
Director: Doina Dejica
Scenography: Epaminonda Tiotiu
Music: Doina Dejica
Cast: Frunzina Anghel, Ionuț Constantinescu, Călin Mureșan, Angelica Pamfilie / Ramona Atănăsoaie, Adina Ungur

Duration: 45 min.
Recommended age: 4+

A beloved play of many generations, directed by Doina Dejica, is based on Ion Creangă’s well-known tale, The Goat and Her Three Kids. By maintaining the classic puppet show conventions, it is designed so that children can find and recognize all details of the popular tale. The puppet show adaptation of Ion Creangă’s tale, The Goat and Her Three Kids invokes real sentiments, real life situations and different character types in order to form an emotional and rational bond with the children.

Doina Dejica’s experience of a lifetime on the puppet theatre stage, Epaminonda Tiotiu’s scenography, the bi-ba-boo puppet handling technique, the actors’ interpretations, along with the musical background, all add up to a wonderful and valuable classic representation, full of liveliness and humour.

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