Town musicians of Bremen (HU)

Recommended age: 4+

Duration: 50 min.

The famous story of The Musicians of Bremen in our representation is presented in a different point of view. Our show starts where usually the story is ended: the animals already formed their band and – as famous musicians – they start to look back on their journey.

In the original story, every animal arrives to a point in their life where they have to choose wisely in order to stay alive, away from their ordinary life. In our adaptation, every animal has a specific disability to fight in order to start the evolution as individuals.

Composer: Bakos Árpád

Scenography and puppets: Tóth Andrea, Kiss Etele

Artistic director: Rumi László


Cast: Balogh Dorottya, Domokos Szabolcs, Kötő Áron, Mostis Balázs, Szűcs Tamás


Sound design: Domokos Előd

Light design: Almási Attila

Technicians: Balog Ferencz, Horváth Jonathán

Technical director: Kovács Ferenc


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