If an angel descends from heaven, would we let it into our hearts? In a world full of Christmas gifts and materialism, do we have any place left for the divine miracle?
„The Nativity plays have a great history, began from the times where Christianism was also originated. Christmas – as one of our most important holidays – starts the season of winter celebrations. This time was a great chance to revive and relive- and also share with others – the wisdom of the Christmas miracle.
The preparations for the Nativity play started at the end of the cultivation season, when the evenings began to be longer and the weather cooler. On these occasions, not only the children but mature men also took part in the play. Religious songs and joyous games – that’s how I remember my childhood.” -The director
Our wise men listen to the call and leave to follow the star to Bethlehem. During the way they fight, they get together, solve tasks and they lead us to Herod’s palace, then to the most divine place, to Bethlehem.
We get to know how does it feel not to find shelter for the night. Meanwhile, the devil is also awake, he tries to steal the newborn Jesus. Of course, he can’t succeed, because he is stopped by the Angel, the little Lamb, and the children.
This is a half traditional, half modern Nativity play, with a wooden spoon, straw bale and many more. The actors are Erdei Emese, Bodnár Tibor, Mostis Balázs, using the puppets that Gál Orsolya created. The text of the performance was produced by Demeter Ferencz, based on József Attila’s Három Királyok (Three Wise Men) poem and many folkloric elements.

Premiere: 07. 12. 2019.
Recommended age: 4+
Duration: 42 min

Script and director: Demeter Ferencz
Scenography and puppet design: Gál Orsolya
Cast: Erdei Emese, Bodnár Tibor, Mostis Balázs


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