The story of the bad wolf is known by most of us, but this was a long time ago. Meanwhile, the world has changed, the population aged and the youngsters immigrated in order to find jobs…

Then, the iron-toothed monsters with steel blades arrived, and they plucked all the trees, one by one, leaving the ridges empty. Alone, in a deserted land, our hero, The Wolf, gathered his belongings and went into the unknown to try his luck, in another world, in another forest.

The story of the migrant wolf starts like any other migration, with a guide who helps him cross the border – or the sea – and relocates him into another world. What will happen once he arrives there? It is the story of those who seek „the best of the worlds”.


The migrant wolf

after an original text written by Patrice Seiler


Script: Patrice Seiler

Director: Radu Dinulescu

Scenography: Patrice Seiler
Music: Radu Dinulescu

Sculpture: Florin Marin
Painting: Elena Ilaș

Cast: Adina Ungur, Ionuț Constantinescu


Recommended age: 5+


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