“Let me tell you, dear Apolodor, why you are like no other.  You are both a penguin and a human being, because you can talk, sing, cry like a human, but also  have white and black feathers, a beak and wings, you are small and tall, you are for children and everybody else, you are a picaro and a Wilhelm Meister (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what that means), you are a hero and you live inside a parody, more than that inside a fan-o-parodies, but you are quite unique, so no one can imitate you. You wear a tuxedo for every occasion. You also bear, without grandeour, the name of a well-known architect from Damasc. You are charming, you are a tenor, a traveler, a dreamer and a seducer. A monkey fell in love with you, and also, plenty of readers. In your world, you have astonishing friends; you have Suzi the camel, who is like a mother to you, while together with Ilie the kangaroo  and Amedeu the lion you make an unforgetable clover.”

Author: Gellu Naum
Director: Mona Marian
Set design: Epaminonda Tiotiu
Sculpture: Florin Marin
Music: Corina Sîrbu
Digital projection: Cristian Luchian
Cast: Dana Bonţidean, Călin Mureşan, Angelica Pamfilie

Recommended age: 4+


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