Etichetă: the Little Purse with the Two Half-pennies puck theatre


”The adventures of the little rooster chased away from his home in Ion Creangă’s tale: The Little Purse with Two Half-pennies, are being retold in an original and colourful way in Decebal Marin’s play. The Little Purse with Two Half-pennies is an ingeniously constructed and vibrant puppet show, with exquisite puppets and actors performing on the stage. The director opted for a highly versatile scenic design and so the constantly changing décor demands different puppet types as well. In Decebal Marin’s version, the tale of The Little Purse with Two Half-pennies becomes a luscious show, which boosts enthusiasm and encourages the active participation of the children, while providing entertainment for the adults”.

Claudiu Groza 

Author: Ion Creangă

Script: Decebal Marin
Decebal Marin

Scenography: Sandu Marian

Music: Traian Păcurar

Cast: Ramona Atănăsoaie, Ionuț Constantinescu, Iulia Dinescu, Robert Gutunoiu, Călin Mureșan, Angelica Pamfilie, Andra Ștefan, Adina Ungur


Premiere: 30.06.2006

Duration: 50 min.

Recommended age: 3+

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