Little Red Riding Hood and the Hungry Wolf (RO)

A storyteller-puppeteer accompanies a little girl with a red bonnet (hence the name: Little Red Riding Hood) in her adventures. The story also includes her grandma who lives in a cottage in the middle of the forest, and has gotten ill. So the granddaughter takes her a basket filled with goodies to help her get better, but her journey through the woods is full of perils.

In this new version of the story, the emphasis is put on the interactions with the little spectators, in order to stimulate their imagination, creativity and appetite for play. The concept is an interactive performance-workshop, with an actor who brings all characters to life. The narrative follows the storyline, but, occasionally the dialogues are replaced with music. The entire adventure is full of surprises, from the beginning of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey till the end.

Author: Brothers Grimm
Adaptation, director and interpreter: Ion Iurcu

Premiere: 5.11.2017
Duration: 50 min.
Recommended age: 3+


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