Puck and the others

Puck and the others

Authors: W. Shakespeare, Charles and Mary Lamb
Directed and performed by Rozália Rekita and Áron Kötő
Texts, puppet and scenic design written and created by Rozália Rekita
Music by Áron Kötő
Poster: Tamás György
Love can tempt anyone, regardless of age: children, as well as the elderly, not to mention the youth in adolescence, this ardent and intricate period of blooming and fading love.
This passionate state of mind is overwhelmed by emotions, and it often ends in disappointment, because events don’t turn out as planned. It is no different in Shakespeare’s magical fairy-tale, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, where Puck, the mischievous sprite intervenes in the affairs of the young lovers. The conflicts, however, can only be solved through these playful entanglements.
6 puppets and 11 roles come to life in the performance of two actors: Rozália Rekita and Áron Kötő. The actors open their magic chest full of wonders in classrooms where kids are up for a lively, romantic, musical adventure. The show is dedicated to children older than 10 years of age, grades 3-11: anyone and everyone.
Let the adventure begin!

December 1 @ 05:40
05:40 — 06:40

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