Etichetă: the curious little elephant


This play, based on Kipling’s tale, guides us into the world of deep forest, and the world of the animals living there.

The peace in the wood can’t be disturbed, except maybe by one of the animals: the curious little elephant who has a lot of questions to ask all the time. The animals got tired of the constant bother; therefore, they send him away. During his long way, he faces many dangerous adventures, until one of them causes a twist in the story: the little elephant becomes an honored member of the wood’s community.

Premier: 1981, 2001.
Recommended age: 3+
Duration: 60 min.

Author: Rudyard Kipling
Adapted on stage: Nina Cassian
Director: Koblicska Kálmán, Varga Ibolya
Scenography: Botár Edit
Music: Csortán Márton
Cast: Csortán Márton, Giriti Réka, György László, Pünkösti Laura, Patka Ildikó, Okos Attila Ákos, Urmánczi Jenő