Etichetă: the adventures of paprikajancsi


„The adventures of Paprikajancsi are ageless because they tell stories about human stupidity and also about goodness in the world. The first one – as we know – is limitless, while the second one is slowly fading. According to the hundred years old experience, every trouble can be handled with a little smartness. The story shows these things, using historical methods of puppetry and having self-deprecating humor. We need to laugh and smile at our mistakes to evolve.” – Vadas László, the director.

The courage, wiseness, and vigilancy of Paprikajancsi helps him to win through the devil, in a story full of twists and adventures. The actors are playing more than ten roles, using hand puppets.

Premiere: 05. 02. 2018.
Recommended age: 3+
Duration: 50 min.

Script: Demeter Ferencz
Director: Vadas László
Scenography and puppet design: György László, Szabó Tünde
Music: Kötő Áron
Cast: Giriti Réka, György László