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The performance is a contemporary adaptation of the Grimm brother’s classic tale. The story follows the original narratives, but in this adaptation, the idyllic tale has a twist: becomes more sinister. In this concept, the evil stepmother’s character gets into the middle of the events. In the beginning, she is not even a malefic figure, she becomes one during the story.

The scenery and costumes reflect on the modern world’s experiences, and in the performance are shown some contemporary situations as well. Although, the most essential thing for our audience is the fact, that in this modern tale there is a place for a happy ending and the good is winning at the end.

Premiere: 11. 05. 2019.
Recommended age: 6+
Duration: 70 min.

Script and director: Varga Ibolya
Music: Venczel Péter
Scenography, puppets and costume design: Cristian Rusu
Implementing: Elena Ilaș (painter), Florin Marin (sculptor)
Cast: Balogh Dorottya, Bondár Tibor, Domokos Szabolcs, Erdei Emese, Giriti Réka, György László, Kötő Áron, Patka Ildikó, Pünkösti Laura, Urmánczi Jenő, Balog Ferencz, Tóthpál Tamás

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