Etichetă: Puss in Boots


after Charles Perrault

Cast: Ionuț Constantinescu, Ion Iurcu și Iulian Lungu.

Director: Cristian Nedea

Stage design and painting: Elena Ilaș

Puppet design: Florin Marin

Music: Ion Iurcu

Singing coordinator: Arona Bogdan

The classic story is reinterpreted, director Cristian Nedea’s proposal respecting the recipe of a love story, but a cat one par excellence.

„For the Puss in Boots, the world is just scenery and people are just a necessary extra. The whole relationship with the master is seen here as a mere tool for the fulfillment of the cat’s destiny. And how could it be otherwise when the cat falls in love? Even though it has seven lives, here and now it is all consuming, against a backdrop in which empires are forged or crumble. The story is the story of the cat nation,” the director points out.

Recommended age: 3 +

Duration: 40’

Date of the premiere: 26.06.2022



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