Etichetă: non verbal show


After a story by Tohby Riddle

A show by Rachel Warr and Andra Ștefan

 Non verbal show

Cast: Andreea Bolovan, Dana Bonțidean, Ionuț Constantinescu, Ion Iurcu

Scenography / painting: Elena Ilaș

Sculpture: Florin Marin

Music: Simon Roth

 The Singing Hat is a wonderful story of a father and his daughter whose lives are changed when one day a bird makes a nest in an unusual place….  This causes them challenges for everyday life in the city, but it also brings them a new way of looking at the world.

The concept of the project is designed by Rachel Warr, from Great Britain and together with the team from Cluj they produced a genuine and delicate show, in which the spectators will uncover a unique perspective on the flow of life.

Beyond the turmoil and the agitation of everyday life, the two leading characters, discover together with the spectators a new aspect of inner life, raw emotions and what really matters.

A non verbal show that conveys profound meanings and feelings.

It has been a new way of working for everyone, and like the characters in the story, we have all had to think differently about how we connect with one another and the world. (Rachel Warr)

In this show, the hat was indeed a troubled one, being a challange for me but also for the entire cast. We had to work with the director, Rachel Warr, from distance, but we loved this show and we did our best. The story carries us towards our authentic self. (Andra Ștefan)

 Recommended age: 5+

Duration: 40 min

Date of the premiere: 12.12.2021

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