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Invitation WonderPuck 5


WonderPUCK Street Festival

5th edition


Cluj-Napoca, Romania

10th-12th September 2021

Bánffy Castle, Bonțida

12th September 2021


WonderPUCK Street Festival, a cultural event aimed for the entire family, with focus on children and teenagers, gets ready for its 5th edition in September 2021!


The festival is an open-air cultural event, which gathers artistic domains such as theatre, dance, visual arts and handcrafts. It started in 2017 and it was the only festival dedicated to children and family in Transylvania. As time passed by, the festival grew and it became both a tourist attraction in Cluj-Napoca, gathering more than 20.000 people and an artistry hub.

For this edition, we are extending our performance venues, from three main show areas to six locations. The fifth edition will include museum courtyards as performance venues.


Throughout the universal language of the artistic activities, the audience is invited to participate to these three days full of exceptional cultural experiences.


The access is free!

The structure of WonderPUCK Street Festival


As we have mentioned before, our festival has a complex program, combining artistic, educational and entertaining activities addressed mainly to young audiences. Throughout the three days of the festival, we will host:


  • theatre performances for children, teenagers and the entire family;
  • animation movies;
  • creative workshops;
  • street performances (with giant puppets, circus and carnival elements included);
  • concerts;
  • open-air exhibitions.


Locations of the festival: Unirii Square; Museum Square; the courtyard of the Art Museum, Cluj; the courtyard of  the National Transylvanian History Museum; Bánffy Castle – Bonțida, Cluj-Napoca;





If you are interested in our festival and you want to apply, please send the following materials to email address:



  • The Application Form filled;
  • 3-4 photos that are representative for your performance or activity;
  • A full video recording of your performance;
  • The technical form of your performance (or the technical requirements, in case you are applying with a workshop/ animation movie or exhibition proposal).



  • Accommodation (breakfast included);
  • Transport fee;
  • Performance fee. The financial conditions for the participating groups/artists are subject to personal negotiations according to the budget of the festival.



Other issues


WonderPUCK Street Festival is not a competitive festival!


The performances, concerts, workshops, and exhibitions that are especially designed (or can be easily adapted) for open spaces will have an advantage in the selection process. For this edition we are extending our area of interest in animation movies, for outdoor screening.

Timetable of the festival


The festival time period: 10th-12th September 2021


Deadline for applications: until 18th June 2021


Announcement of the selected performances/artists/activities:


until 16th July 2021


Due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers reserve the right to make changes in the programme, the selection and the organization of the festival, if necessary. All performers will be notified about any changes in advance.

Organizational structure of the festival

WonderPUCK Street Festival is organised in collaboration with PUCK Puppet Theatre, ESUA Association and LIONS International Foundation. It also has the support of Cluj County Council together with Cluj-Napoca City Hall and AFCN.

Other companies, associations and non-profit organizations are welcomed as partners and co-organizers of the event.



Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel: 004 0762 479 899/ 004 0722 522 527


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