Etichetă: alfonso and the witch puck theatre


In a barren and dark castle, where every little thing is black, there lives a witch together with her tomcat, named Alfonso.

Bothered by the fact that the tomcat becomes invisible in the black castle, the witch uses her magic in order to change Alfonso in a green tomcat. His life gets suddenly worse: he cannot longer sleep on the couch because now he can be seen, he cannot longer climb the chandelier because he is caught, he cannot longer sneek into the bed because he is chased away into the garden, … in the green garden we may add!

Outraged, the witch changes the colour of his fur again, she makes it multicoloured, such that now he looks like a parrot.

Poor little tomcat! He takes off in a far tree at the edge of the garden, where chattering birds, of all types and colour, laugh at him. The tomcat sobbs tremendously, melting the witch’s heart, who is now embarrased by her doings.

Then the witch removes the spell and the tomcat is happy again. In order to avoid the troubles again, a last spell changes the gloomy and dark castle into a multicoloured one.

Scenario and direction: Decebal Marin

Scenography and painting: Elena Ilaș
Music: Traian Păcurar

Sculpture: Florin Marin

Cast: Ramona Atănăsoaie, Iulian Lungu, Călin Mureșan, Angelica Pamfilie

Recommended age: 4+