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Aleodor the Emperor (RO)

Author: Petre Ispirescu
Script: Decebal Marin
Director: Decebal Marin
Scenography: Vlad Tănase
Music: Traian Păcurar
Cast: Andreea Bolovan, Ionuț Constantinescu, Iulia Dinescu, Robert Gutunoiu, Călin Mureșan, Angelica Pamfilie, Andra Ștefan
Premiere: 10.05.2016
Duration: 55 min.
Recommended age: 4+

Aleodor the Emperor, adapted and directed by Decebal Marin, maintains the general outline of the classic tale written by Petre Ispirescu. After the death of his father, Prince Aleodor disregards his advice not to enter the realm of the Half-Man-Riding-on-the-Half-of-a-Lame-Rabbit and embarks on a journey in search of Emperor Verdeș’s daughter. On his way though, he has to face several challenges in order to win the hand of the young princess in marriage.

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