Dragon Works

Dragon Works

28.02.2018 | 18:00
03.03.2018 | 11:00
05.05.2018 | 11:00
19.05.2018 | 11:00

Váróterem Projekt – Puck Puppet Theatre

Director: Levente Imecs-Magdó
Dramaturg and music: Johanna Bertóti
Puppets: Andrea Kürti
Costumes: Anna Kupás
Cast: Zsolt Csepei, Réka László, Emőke Pál, Maya Sebők, Tímea Udvari
Technician: Júlia Sipos
Poster: Orsolya Rend

Recommended age: 7+
Premiere: October 30th 2017

The three daughters of the emperor wake up in a dark room in an unknown place. Someone must have sent a dense slumber-breeze over them and – hang on! – kidnapped them. The three princesses soon discover that they are imprisoned with the Yummy Mummy, who is confident that his knight will soon save her from captivity. You must have guessed by now that the kidnapper is no other than the dragon. So the girls deploy all their forces, knowledge and intuition to find the key of salvation.
The performance, which includes a wide range of puppetry techniques, is based on the tales written with brilliant imagination by 3-7th graders for the fairy tale writing contest entitled Heroes and heroines.

May 19 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00

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