Devil-defeating good friends

Devil-defeating good friends

Adapted on stage and directed by: Ildikó Kovács
Design: Dan Frăticiu
Music: Áron Kötő
Cast: Dorottya Balogh, László György, Áron Kötő
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: 17th of September 2005

The main characters of this fairground puppet show are two folk puppet-heroes: the Hungarian László Vitéz and the Romanian Vasilache. Both tend to tell lies sometimes, squabble, or tend to be cowards, but they also have positive qualities, such as bravery, love and being outspoken. But what ultimately characterizes them, is their eternal optimism, that they will defeat the Devil, and maybe even death…

December 1 @ 05:50
05:50 — 06:50

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