The Enchanted Carpet (HU)

Author: Ferenc Móra
Dramaturg and director: Ibolya Varga
Music composer: Péter Venczel
Scenography, costumes, puppets: Anetta Fekete
Music and accessories: Tamás Tóthpál
Cast: Ildikó Patka, Laura Pünkösti, László György, Áron Kötő
Poster: Anetta Fekete

Recommended age: 3+
Premiere: October 5th 2016

The play „weaves” together four tales written by Móra Ferenc, in a so-called “carpet of fairy tales”, the characters of which can be easily recognized by children. The stories lead us into a magical universe where parents and children can follow the trail of the “father’s tales”, where the wind and the roses speak in human voices, where the Messenger of the Wind brings us letters from Santa, and the king of butterflies miraculously heals Pannika.

The tightly woven dramaturgy of the play, the straightforward texts, the poetic language and stylization of objects indicate to the child, that these experiences differ from the familiar ones met on the playground. If the play catches their attention, the children will automatically accept (perhaps for the first time in their lives) the basic theatrical principle: being present as a spectator, even if sometimes the actors involve or invite them to play along.

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