Poor Johnny and Árnika (HU)

Author: Ervin Lázár
Dramaturge: Zsolt Láng
Director: Ibolya Varga
Music: Zsolt Lászlóffy
Scenography: Szilárd-Zsolt Filep
Cast: Márton Csortán, Réka Giriti, László György, Áron Kötő, Réka László, Ildikó Patka, Jenő Urmánczi
Recommended age: 4+
Premiere: April 8th 1999

A puppet show adaptation of Ervin Lázár’s tale about true love, responsibility, loyalty, perseverance, freedom and many other fundamental values.
In spite of the malicious trickeries and fiendish seductions of the Witch of a Hundred Faces, Poor Johnny finally gets to know his true love, Árnika, king Östör’s beautiful daughter. The protective love of the father puts the young lovers’ loyalty to test, by keeping them apart for six months. Even after all that time, however, their trial has not yet come to an end, because alternately one of them is transformed into a duck by an evil spell. The remedy for the curse lies in Wonderland, with the Seven Headed Fairy, but on their journey there, the young couple must deal with Ipiapacs bandit and his gang, Győző Rézbányai’s touchiness and the feelings of twelve brothers. Johnny’s wit and resourcefulness, Árnika’s good heart and determination always aids them in times of trouble, until the Seven Headed Fairy finally lifts the evil curse.
Two narrators also shape the play, they are the ones who keep asking relevant questions as the story progresses and sometimes give thought-provoking responses. They are the ones who say: “You don’t need magic powers to gain freedom, all you need is love. For love is just like magic.”, or “You must try really hard. Even if you won’t succeed for sure.” – if you haven’t seen this play yet, now you sure want to, right? Johnny, Árnika and the others are waiting for you!

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