Csipike (HU)

Author: Sándor Fodor
Director: Ibolya Varga
Puppet and scenic design: Ioana Olăhuţ
Music: Péter Venczel
Cast: Réka Giriti, Réka László, Ildikó Patka, Laura Pünkösti, Boglárka Veligdán, Tímea Vincze, Márton Csortán, László György, Áron Kötő, Attila Ákos Okos, Jenő Urmánczi

Recomanded age: 3+
Premiere: April 10th 2008
You must have heard about Csipike by now, but can you remember what a deterrent example, or a scientific persuasion means? You will find all answers at the puppet show, you’ll be hearing Stag’s vocal exercises and the performance of the forest choir. Csipike, the respectable master of the forest is being tempted by the spirit of tyranny and his usual kind attitude is replaced with arbitrary, wicked choices, paired with an arrogant tone. Rabbit doesn’t hesitate to ask him: “can we still love you, our Great Master and Commander, Benevolent Fiend of the Forest, or we can’t love you any longer, because we must fear you…?”
The gluttonous and petulant Kukucsi has gone missing, so apparently there’s no one to persuade Csipike (who becomes fouler with each day) to come to his senses, to regain his old kindness. The dwellers of the Forest are rebelling, the Bees are organizing a riot, but thanks to the Boar Piglet’s courage, Csipike’s trickery is finally unveiled: they find out who Mr. Copper the Dreadful actually is, with whom Csipike has been terrifying everyone. This edifying story about power ends with a united, peaceful and cheery dinner.
“What’s ours is ours” – says Csipike and is waiting for you with his arms wide open at the Puck Puppet Theatre!

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